About us


Mixshe women's wear is a high-quality fashion clothing with ready-made clothing as the core category and developed from outside to inside. It's one of the best selling women's wear brands on Amazon. Mixhe's diversified products have standard profiles, customized fabrics, mainly black and white, international popular colors, personalized patterns, special packaging, and the spirit of dly. Emphasis on personal inner sense of belonging, pay attention to sentiment, sense of value, sense of humanity, sense of fashion.


Brand concept

As the mainstream fashion brand of China, mixche has always been aiming at creating international first-line original personalized women's wear. We specially invite international designers to act as design consultants, and set up a strong design team to study in Europe regularly to catch international fashion trends. So that the product will always be in the forefront of fashion. Mixshe women's wear has exaggerated silhouette design, unique cutting processing, personalized color matching and special customized fabrics; Through the design, it expresses the unique personality and life attitude of modern women in the world of happy life. It has become the first and first conceptual fashion personality original brand in the United States.

Mixhe emphasizes original design and high-end quality, aiming at the middle and high-end consumers and the unique fashion customers, in order to design the contemporary women who pay attention to personality, show themselves and dress texture, mixhe has a forward-looking business form, personal fashion clothing consumption culture. Mixhe business form innovation - Take ready-made clothes as the core of products, develop personalized original women's wear in line with the current fashion trend, integrate diversified market positions, and integrate product sales design ideas with personalized, emotional, sense of value, sense of belonging and sense of fashion; Personal fashion clothing consumption new concept, to enhance brand added value.


Brand positioning

——Present consumers' sense of cultural belonging


——Integrated into the unique LOHAS series products


Mixche focuses on meeting the fashion needs of consumers and introduces the original VDS concept into product design. Mixche presents the core value of consumers' sense of cultural belonging, develops products with original sense of personalized design according to the consumption characteristics of target customers, creates the concept and design introduction of product VDS, and increases the visual impact and fashion cultural attributes of products. The product has increased the development of special products such as lovers, benmingnian, wedding, parent-child and festival, which not only makes the brand full of product structure, but also provides consumers with more, more thoughtful and more intimate brand exclusive products.


Age positioning

Psychological age: 18-35 years old, physiological age: 25-45 years old, concentrated consumer group: 28-40 years old

Customer group type: born for confident, natural and intelligent women. The pursuit of a unique and elegant, straightforward and uninhibited, emotional and self-confident, cultural, taste of contemporary women, they are willing to invest, the pursuit of fashion, and strive to establish a calm and confident image.

Main consumer group: urban population aged 25-35 with independent consumption ability and self assertion.