A68B three row buttons tummy control shaping panties

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Abdominal control underwear is almost invisible under your clothes. Nobody will recognize you wear this, however they will notice your new curve! Strong control shaping shorts will perfectly shape your waist for women who want to be well shaped, such as office women, postpartum mothers or women who would like to lose weight.

Material: 80% nylon+20% spandex

Medium compression level: moderate shaping can immediately eliminate the trouble area.


1. Anti rolling silicone strip

2. Internal bonding structure

3. Super comfortable, just like your second layer of skin, embrace your curve!


1. The anti-skid silicone strip ensures a comfortable fit at the waist

2. The internal bonding structure smoothes the thigh and improves the contour of the hip and core

3. Tighten the hips, lift the hips and make the sexy curve

4. Help you shape a attractive hourglass shape

5. Build a more curved outline under your clothes