Ancestor Money, 320-Pieces Joss Paper US Dollar, 1000 Dollar Hell Bank Notes Strengthen Connection with Your Ancestor Bring Good Fortune

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【 PACKING AND SIZE 】- Packing: 4 bundles,a bundle of 80 sheets. Each sheet measures about : 2.83 x 6.10 inch. This currency is very colorful and bright in color. Good quality and very easy to be burnt completely.
【 APPEARANCE 】- Banknote denomination 1000 per 1Piece. And Printed to resemble the U.S. Dollar, each sheet is decorated with an image of the George Washington
【 USING DAY 】- Funerals, Festival as Tomb-sweeping day/QingMing Festival: (April 5th),All Souls Day, Hungry Ghost Festival: July 15,New Year, Ancestor’s Birthday, the first and fifteenth of each month. The day you dream of them. The day you miss them.Ancestor money joss paper money to burn to your Ancestor so she have a better life with all the ancestors.
【 MEANING 】- The Chinese believe that a ancestor money offering is conveyed into the spirit world. Ancestor money is the money used in another world. Burn more ancestor paper for your ancestors so they have enough money to spend without hard work, which is s also a way to miss them and a tribute to the dead. And strengthens connection with your ancestor and brings good fortune.
【 NOTE 】- Please note: Chinese Joss Paper money is not legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value. Ancestor money is also known as Joss paper money, ghost money, spirit money, hell banknotes, heaven bank notes, etc. It's a tool that allows us to take care of ancestors, in return, bring you good luck.