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How to make syrup
1. Prepare the accompanying tools and materials, such as sugar, wooden chopsticks, soda water, and cooking oil.
2. Put the right amount of sugar in the spoon.
3. Use wooden chopsticks to stir quickly. (If you dont stir, the sugar will burn.)
4. After all the sugar has melted, dip wooden chopsticks in soda water 2-3 times and stir quickly.
5. Sprinkle enough cooking oil or sugar on a square plate, and then pour the melted sugar.
6. After the hot melt has cooled for about 50 seconds, press it firmly with a pressure plate coated with edible oil.
7. Press down the flattened sugar and the frame of the desired shape again, and then push the sugar with a spatula to take it out.

Product color: silver
Product size: as shown
Product material: stainless steel
Product pattern: round, triangle, square, five-pointed star, umbrella

Package content:
1*tinplate sugar bowl/1*sugar mold

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